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NHS & Social Care

Some of our team previously worked in the NHS as clinicians and managers, and in LAs as managers. So, our interventions within the NHS and LA are informed by both ‘sector’ knowledge as well as diverse experience and thinking drawn from working with a huge range of organisations.

We understand and use whole systems and CAS methodologies. We start by enquiring about the business issue. We often design and facilitate whole systems events for large groups to tackle the business issue and when the elegant thinking has been done, we support the work streams through to implementation.

Our approach to intervention involves combining our expertise and intelligence with the diverse intelligence in your workforce, so that the organisation is left with increased capacity to do the work itself.

Unless it's a capacity and outsourcing issue, we won't knowingly do something you could have done for yourselves (we'll simply give you the processes and methodologies if you don't already have them). You therefore only pay for our skill. In addition to our whole systems and service improvement offerings, our skills are also in conflict resolution and mediation, developing top teams (Boards and Cabinets, Executive Management Teams and PECs), strategy, self managed and integrated clinical teams and in coaching individual senior managers and Board members.

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